LightItInRed / WeMakeEvents

In 2020, The Albert Hall took part in #LightItInRed on 6th July, and #WeMakeEvents on 11th August, and 30th September as part of a national campaign, united with thousands of venues, and production companies around the world. These campaigns particularly shine a light on backstage workers, and venues, which were severely affected by the pandemic.

The Albert Hall, like so many theatres, venues and equipment, was sitting empty and unused. The lights were off, the music had stopped, and the seats were collecting dust, and until we got clear guidance from the government on a reopening roadmap, that is how it remained.

View the article written by the County Times.

In March 2021, The Albert Hall supported ‘LightItInRed IV’ campaign, from 15th to 19th March. The message was one of hope, and support for the arts, events, and theatre industry, commemorating a whole year since the closure of theatres, and arts venues.

Throughout the 5 days, we shared our hopes, and messages of support to our industry, with the hope of a brighter end to the year. We also lit the foyer in red, every evening, to stand in solidarity with all other members of our industry.

The Albert Hall is proud to have supported each, and every We Make Events / Light It In Red campaign, and to have stood in solidarity with so many other members of our industry. We’re extremely grateful for the national recognition we have received from taking part, and hope we have made a difference. We must thank Light It In Red for featuring us in the reflection video, which can be viewed on their Facebook page.

Thanks to BRGW Enterprises for loaning equipment free of charge, to enable the lighting up happen.

Please check out the excellent work of We Make Events, and Light It In Red, on their websites.

National Day of Reflection

23rd March 2021

On Tuesday 23rd March, The Albert Hall join the first National Day of Reflection by lighting our building yellow. This was to remember those who have lost their lives during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and in support of everyone affected during this time.

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